11 Unusual Things To Do In Morocco

Visiting Morocco has always been a recurring item in a lot of bucket lists. The uniqueness of the country compared to other Arab or Islamic nations, makes a trip to Morocco a very interesting experience. From International Tangier, To Blue Chefchaouen, To Imperial Fez and Meknes, passing through World Famous Marrakech, Essaouira and ending up in the Sahara desert. Morocco truly has it all, and can suit anyone’s interests. In Morocco there are always the essentials that almost everyone knows, experienced or dream about. But how about the things that almost no one expects to encounter. If you’re looking to do something different while in the country, this is for you, Here are some of the most unusual things to do in Morocco.

Unusual Things To Do In Morocco #1 : Rock Climbing

Morocco has a very diverse nature, ranging from beautiful beaches, great lakes, vast National Parks and of course, mighty mountains and some awe-inspiring canyons. Rock climbing is gaining ground as an interesting and unusual activity, more and more people do it and more clubs and agencies are specialized in this extreme sport in Morocco.

 Rock Climbing Things to do in Morocco

Some of the best locations to practice Rock Climbing, are the very deep Todgha gorges, and the scenic Taghia gorges in the heart of the Atlas Mountains. A lot of other less known locations are spread around in the middle and north of the country in areas known for their rugged terrains. More info at ClimbMorocco.

Unusual Things To Do In Morocco #2 : Cooking Class

The gastronomic richness of Morocco has been a real drawing factor for visitors and especially foodies, from all over the globe. The endless choices of ingredients, styles and recipes, will without a doubt be a major highlight in every trip to the country.


Make your way through Morocco, eating finely made recipes. Thus eliminating your hunger for both food and cultural immersion. Moroccan cuisine is a mix of berber, European, Arab and Andalusian traditions in making mouthwatering specialties. And what’s better than to learn how to make world famous Moroccan dishes and add to the overall experience, leaving with an everlasting memory that you can relive by simply preparing delicious Moroccan dishes.


There are many places that offer to teach the principles and basics of Moroccan cuisine. Marrakesh is a Major city for this unique experience, but all over the country, there are surely options for taking cooking classes and learning more about National and regional dishes that won’t fail to marvel.

Unusual Things To Do In Morocco #3 : Surfing

Surfing is a famous activity always related to places like Hawaii, Bali or Australia. But Morocco has some great surf spots as well. Whether it is simple Surfing or Kite or Wind Surfing, there is always a nice spot to catch some waves.

Things to do in Morocco

The long Atlantic coast of the country, is a perfect place for surf lovers. Towns like Assilah, Rabat, Essaouira, Sidi Kaouki, Taghazout, Mirleft and Dakhla are well known among wave catchers. Dakhla is even competing with Tarifa to be a Mecca for Windsurfers. The best time to surf is in late autumn and stretches from September until March.

Unusual Things To Do In Morocco #4 : Sky Diving

Here you are in the middle of your vacation in Morocco, immersed with the culture and amazed with the food and the never-ending wonders that you discover each day. But you are keen and looking for some major adrenaline rush, if you ask around, most people will probably tell you that you came to the wrong place for Adrenaline Inducing Activities, and will probably tell you to go to Spain or something. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that you can go to cities you never even heard of, and fulfill your hunger for adventure. And what’s better than jumping from a plane in order to do just that. (Here is a video shot in Beni Mellal by PACMA)

In the middle of the atlas mountains, there are two places where many clubs are based, and they offer activities including Tandem Sky Diving. Beni Mellal is one of them, located 220km south east of Casablanca. A trip there is worth it, because you can also take trips from Beni Mellal to the amazing Ozoud waterfalls and also to the beautiful Bin El Ouidane lake. A great escape for adventure and nature lovers. The other town is Taroudant, located 80 km from Agadir. This area is close to some great landscapes including the gorges mentioned above, that are perfect for some Rock Climbing.

Unusual Things To Do In Morocco #5 : Zip Lining

Another option for Adrenaline lovers, is to head to Terre d’amanar which is a really cool estate in the hills surrounding the town of Tahanaout, 30 minutes from Marrakech. The estate promotes eco-tourism and offers a lot of fun activities, including Zip Lines and tricky suspended bridges crossings. I had the chance to try them in a recent trip to Marrakech, and i must say it was a great and unique experience with respect to security measures, to ensure total safety.

Zip Lining Things to do in Morocco Zip Line Things To Do In Morocco

The estate offers many other activities like team building,  Trekking, Climbing, Archery, Horse riding and many more to keep you busy for a day escaping the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh and enjoying the amazing surrounding scenery of the Atlas Mountains.

Unusual Things To Do In Morocco #6 : Moroccan Hollywood

Morocco is a great destination that many film makers chose as a filming location. It is no wonder that some big productions were actually shot in Morocco. For example, Inception, scenes from the continent of Essos in Game of Thrones and Gladiator were all filmed in Morocco. Not to mention hundreds of other movies, like Black Hawk Dawn and The Green Zone to name a few.

Atlas Studios Things To do In Morocco

The interest of Hollywood filmmakers in Morocco, made the film industry flourish in the country and therefore the Moroccan Hollywood has emerged. The city of Ouarzazate, besides being a great tourist destination, is also the Home of the International Film industry, as many of films took place in its studios that are world famous and they really do worth visiting.

Unusual Things To Do In Morocco #7 : Sand Bath Therapy

Not very far from Ouarzazate, and in the real heart of the Moroccan desert, a small town is really becoming a point of interest for both local and foreign tourists. The city of Merzouga is an emerging destination among travelers, Moroccan or Foreign alike. It has some of the highest sand dunes just close by in Erg Echebbi, and it is known as the place to be for an authentic desert experience.

Merzoua Erg Echebi Things To do in Morocco

Sand dunes in Erg Chebbi, Morocco (source: wiki)

In Merzouga you can spend the night dancing to desert tunes and gazing at the most beautiful stars, while waiting for some great meals to be served, accompanied with the greatest tea you’ll ever taste in the country. But a real specialty of Merzouga in being buried in its sand that can reach really high temperatures. Many tourists flock the city during Spring and Summer months to enjoy sand baths  that are renown for their therapeutic benefits.

Unusual Things To Do In Morocco #8: Mountain Trekking

The diversity of Morocco makes it a destination that suits every kind of travelers. Foodies will enjoy devouring delicious goodies. Beach lovers will find pristine and gorgeous beaches especially in the north. And adventure seekers are surely in for a treat with a mix of rough terrain, remote landscapes and dramatic scenery. The country has a lot of rugged terrain for travelers that are fond of the outdoors and especially mountain trekking.

Atlas Mountains Things to do in Morocco

Morocco has three chains of Mountains named The Atlas. Among which there is the highest peak in North Africa. Mount Toubkal stands at 4165 m and climbing it can be a great experience. Other peaks that are worth a visit are Mount Mgoun along with the Ait Bouguemez Valey,  Jebel Siroua and Jebel Sargho.

Unusual Things To Do In Morocco #9: Skiing


I’ve seen a huge number of agencies (especially the ones based abroad) promote their tour packages for Morocco, with images of Camels, People living in tents and just a sea of sand dunes stretching to the horizon. A pretty picture one might say, but it is very far from the truth. At least not all of the country is a desert just a small part of it. So how about replacing those dunes with breathtaking mountains and a whole lot of snow. Yes you heard me right !! It SNOWS in Morocco and a lot in some high altitude areas.


The blizzard cuts down roads sometimes. And When you say snow you also say some fun skiing. There are a lot of areas where you can ski in Morocco. But the famous ski towns are Michlifen near Ifrane (dubbed Moroccan Switzerland). And in Oukaimden near Marrakech in Toubkal National Park. In Winter, Moroccans flock to these snow decorated lands and enjoy themselves. Hell you can even enjoy snow and snow related sports on a sunny day as it is known Morocco enjoys 300 days of sunlight annually. Who said you can’t enjoy Morocco in Winter ?!!

Unusual Things To Do In Morocco #10: Roman Ruins

Morocco is famous for a lot of things, Medinas, Busy markets, great food and its great culture. When Romain Ruins are mentioned, the first thoughts lead to Greece, Turkey, Italy, Syria and all those places where the Romans really left their mark.

Things to do in Morocco

What a lot of People don’t know, is that the Romans reached as far West as Morocco. There are many sites that have some ruined structures dating back to the Roman Empire era. But the most complete set of Roman ruins in Morocco, are located in the city of Volubilis few kilometers from Meknes. 

Volubilis used to be an important Roman settlement harboring nearly 30000 people. It can make for a great day trip from Meknes or even from Fez.

Things to do in Morocco

Unusual Things To Do In Morocco #11: Crocodile Park

The geographic situation of Morocco, in the crossroads of continents, made it quite rich in many aspects. The culture is influenced by Arab, European, Muslim and Berber traditions. The Population is mixed and also the fauna and flora are very diverse.

CrocoPark Things to do in Morocco

A great example is exhibited with good detail in the Crocodile Park of Agadir, in the Southwest of Morocco. a large number of crocodiles lived in that region freely in the wild until the start of the 20th century. This is quite striking and i only learned that while visiting this large facility.

CrocoPark2 Things to do in Morocco

The Park was a real highlight during my trip to Agadir, it is home to more than 300 crocodiles and have celebrated recently newly hatched baby crocodiles for the first time. The park has also a Botanical garden containing plants and flora from all over the world. CrocoPark is a perfect way to spend half a day, filled with exploration and learning about one of the endangered species of the African continent.

Have you been to Morocco ? Have you experienced one of these unusual activities ? Share you thoughts.

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