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Hi Fellow Travelers,

I’m Imad an employee 8 hours a day and travel obsessive all day. And no i didn’t quit my job and left everything behind to pursue my long-life dream and wander in the wild.

I’ve always been fascinated by History, Geography, Languages and Food. In my childhood, i always liked staring at a world map and discovering every country, every capital (i actually know a lot of those). So what’s better than travel to explore everything i’m passionate about.

Being stuck in a cubicle 8 hours a day for 5 days, just fading away as years pass me by, is not how i imagine myself spending the rest of my life. So i decided to travel as much as possible while maintaining (i know, i know the very boring!!) “normal” life.

It’s not all bad, having a paycheck every month is actually very nice. So why not combine that with a life of travel, adventure (and an occasional adrenaline rush) while making the most of every weekend, every holiday and every vacations i can get my hands on. But since i can’t quit my job and hit the road, I decided to embrace the life of the PART TIME TRAVELER.

Highlight The Map Traveler

In my travels, i’m seeking to discover new places, interact with new people, learn new languages, taste new food, but more importantly share all this with people who dream about travel but have obstacles standing in their way. It’s obvious that keeping a balance between travel and a normal life can be a challenge, but what’s life without challenges and obstacles. And the feeling you get after overcoming them tastes the sweetest in my opinion.

I dream of visiting every country in this world, and highlight on a map every place i have been to. (Hence the Title of this blog !!), and cross things off my bucket list as i go out and about.

More About Me :

  • I grew up in a town called Khouribga (has world’s largest phosphates reserves).
  • When i’m not working or traveling i like watching football (soccer) games.
  • I speak three languages Arabic (Classic and Darija), French and English.
  • Actually Working, residing in Tangier and loving it.


Happiness Only Real When Shared.” – Christopher McCandless.

Along the way, i’ll be sharing with you my experiences, tips and opinions about various destinations. Hoping i can inspire people to travel more and take a break from the everyday life.

Are you a full time traveler, part-time traveler or dreaming about travel ? Checkout the blog and stay up to speed by following in social media. Feel free to share your experiences, your opinions and connect with me through comments or via email at imad [at] highlightthemap [dot] com or leave a message here.

Travel More and Travel Safe.