How Expensive Is Morocco ?

This is the first post of a series of upcoming articles about how will various destinations impact your money balance. I will put in detail costs of important needs and complementary travel activities of each destination i visit. So let’s start by answering this question : How Expensive Is Morocco ?

Morocco has been known to travelers as an exotic destination, full of fun things to do, and rich in culture and history. But before heading here a lot of people would like to have an idea about what kind of budget should be set for this trip.

Expenses are an essential part of the travel experience, and making the most out of the budget is something everyone is paying attention to. Of course, expenses vary and that depends mainly on two factors : Travel Style and destination.

How Expensive Is Morocco

How Expensive Is Morocco ?

The answer to this question depends hugely on the style of travel, your priorities, your needs and also the things that you can or can’t do without. Depending on your style, you can visit the world’s most expensive destinations on a tight budget, or splurge in extremely cheap places and leave with a lighter wallet.

And of course Morocco is no different. Backpacking the country, getting around cheaply, staying in hostels and avoiding tourist traps, will allow for a very extensive travel experience that can last for weeks. On the other hand, heading to large hotels/resorts and getting a taste of luxury will surely come at a much higher cost.

Of course not paying attention to the prices and not getting to know the real value of things or services, can make travelers easy targets for scammers preying over their highly coveted dollar.

How Expensive Is Morocco


The country has a wide variety of accommodations ranging from Hostels to large scale 5 star resorts. The choice of accommodation is crucial for budget management and here are some options for staying in Morocco.

Hostels : Shared Dorm rooms can cost from 50 to 150 MAD depending on the quality, offered services of the establishment and the city. Private rooms in hostels range from 100 to 250 MAD.

Mid-Range Hotels : this type is predominant in the country and every city has at least a dozen mid-range hotels. Rooms start at 150 to 350 MAD. These prices can fluctuate depending on Seasons and also location. Smaller or less touristy cities can have cheaper rooms.

Splurge : 4-5 Star hotels are mostly present in big cities where tourism is booming. Cities like Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Fez and Agadir have many high end hotels to choose from. Expect to pay no less than 400-500 MAD per night, Service and rooms facilities vary so it is advisable to check before booking.

Riads : Riads are mostly old Building located in the old gated Medinas, they are traditional Moroccan houses of Andalucian style. Riads are now being revamped and turned into Hotels. For a real Moroccan experience staying in a Riad is the way to go. Riad rooms can be a money saving option starting at 100-200 MAD but they can also be expensive and luxurious and cost as high as 1000 MAD/night. It all comes back to personal choices.

Apartments : A Two Bedroom Well Equipped Apartment starts at 300 MAD in average. But Owners tend to inflate prices for foreigners and during high season. So it is always a good idea to take a look at what is offered and negotiate prices.


Eating out in Morocco can be very inexpensive, even in touristy areas prices are more or less affordable. Local cuisine is known to be diverse and offer a very tasty collection of dishes and recipes. Some price example :

  • A Tagine 20 – 60 MAD depending on the ingredients.
  • Couscous dish 20 – 50 MAD.
  • Fried Seafood and Fish 40 – 80 MAD.
  • Subway style Meat and Vegetable Sandwiches 20 – 40 MAD.
  • Coffee With Milk/Pot of Tea will cost no more than 12 MAD.
  • Bowl of Moroccan Soup (Harira) 5 – 8 MAD.
  • Glass of Fresh Orange Juice 5 – 6 MAD at street stall, around 10 MAD in cafés and restaurants.

Of course these are just example of prices and i’m listing what is fair to pay, lower rates can be found and obviously much higher rates also exist, especially in trendy places that seem to inflate prices for no apparent reason. Always use common sense and ask around before ordering to have an idea about prices.

Buying groceries, fruit and vegetables at local markets, preparing your own food is a sure way to spend even less on eating in Morocco.

In general prices of food are very affordable in Morocco, as opposed to alcoholic beverages that are more expensive than Europe due to high taxes applied to them.


Transportation in Morocco improved drastically in recent years. With many new highways, getting around is no problem. Domestic flights are available but very pricey. Trains, buses and intercity Taxis are also available and cover a large portion of the territory. Here are some prices :

  • Bus from Tangier – Casablanca (330 Km) 90 MAD, 145 MAD private company (CTM).
  • Bus from Casablanca -Marrakech (240 Km) 85 MAD (CTM).
  • Train Tangier – Casablanca 132 MAD 2nd Class, 195 MAD 1st Class.
  • Airport to City Taxis : Casablanca 250 MAD, Tangier 100 MAD, Marrakech 15 MAD (*) .
  • City Taxis charge a fixed price in small cities Around 7-8 MAD for short distances and 10-15 MAD for longer. In Big Cities they use a meter starting at no more than 2 MAD. Price for every 100m is no more than 2 MAD and minimum ride price is 8 MAD maximum (**).
  • Urban Buses throughout the country cost no more than 5 MAD per ride.

A general rule of thumb is to ask locals for the prices first and negotiate prices for private rides. And always beware of scammers and steer clear of any unofficial or clandestine transport.


When visiting Morocco, there is no shortage of activities and there is no place for boring days. Prices for specific activities such as Tours, Surfing, Diving, Ziplining, Camel Riding, Excursion outside cities, etc.., can vary and depend on the type and location. Here are some examples :

  • Full day guided tour with Licensed Guide starts at 300 – 400 MAD.
  • Entry to museums and heritage sites : 10 – 60 MAD.
  • Traditional Hammam and Spas (High-end) start at 400 – 500 MAD.


For shopping there are no fixed rates for artifacts and traditional items. But a rule every traveler should follow, is to always negotiate and haggle with shop owners. This means in no way that Moroccans will try to scam you and inflate prices, but this is common among locals. Just make sure to be fair and decrease prices with moderation.

So In Reality, How Expensive is Morocco ?

As a popular tourist destination, Morocco is quite affordable for people from all over the world. It is not as cheap as some destinations in South East Asia, but spending a fun time and experiencing this beautiful part of the world, is possible on a tight budget without missing out on the essentials.


Have you visited Morocco before ? How Expensive is Morocco according to you ? Share your Thoughts.

(*) Taxis in Marrakech are quite the scammers and charge way more. Opt for Bus instead (30 MAD).
(**) In Marrakech always ask the driver to use the meter, otherwise you will be ripped off. In case the driver refuses and starts to negotiate prices simply step out of the taxi.

How Expensive Is Morocco

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